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Why use an expert for your workplace drug testing?

Why you should always use a trained professional to administer your drug tests

This is a question that I get asked from time to time. Why should we hire you, why not do the tests in house and save money?

I understand that saving money in any business venture is good practice. But not if it has the potential to cost you MORE later down the line.

Let me ask you this. If you are able to hire a professional, fully trained health and safety expert, would you?

What about a fully trained up HR person?

Chances are you would or have access to someone that is trained up who can come and advise when you need then to.

So why not substance abuse testing?

Let me address one of the main issues here, the cost.

One main objection I hear is how much it costs, before I even tell them the prices! Conducting a substance abuse test is not, and shouldn’t, be as expensive as you think. Plus, you are not just paying for the testing services. YOU ARE PAYING FOR THE EXPERIENCE THAT THE TEST COLLECTOR HAS ALONG WITH BOTH THE INDIVIDUAL AND YOUR BUSINESS BEING PROTECTED FROM A FALSE READING!

Hear is an example for you. People like to go out, drink and take drugs. It’s been that way for years. Then you bring substance abuse testing in, and they find out that their preferred substance of choice is one that is picked up on your tests.

What do they do?


The latest figures for drug use in England and Wales show that substances, such as Ketamine, are on the rise for consumption, partly because they don’t get picked up on a regular workplace drug test.

So, as an employer, what do you do? You test someone at work, either as a for cause test because you suspect they are on something or as part of a random testing sweep. You strongly suspect that they are under the influence due to their mannerisms, how they are behaving ect but when you test them, the test comes back as negative.

THIS IS ONE OF THE REASONS YOU SHOULD HAVE AN EXPERT IN YOUR CORNER. Situations such as these we have the training, knowledge, experience, skills and resources to not only protect your business, but to provide support for the person under the influence.

This is along with keeping you advised on current trends in drugs, advising on the best type of test and testing procedures to offer, such as saliva drug testing or hair drug testing. It will also reduce the risk of you being sued for wrongfully dismissing someone (yes, it does and has happened) and in the process of doing all of this for you, SAVING YOU MONEY AND PROTECTING YOU.

You aren’t just paying for the testing, you are paying for peace of mind that a job is done correctly and you can focus on other areas of your work.


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