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Breathalyzer and saliva testing kits



First Cohort International was established with the goal of changing how workplace drug testing was conducted. We believe that instead of terminating an employees contract, They should be supported to become safe and more productive for your company. So, how do we do this?

We believe that the key to turning a negative into a positive for your company lies in support and education.

  • Make the work environment a one where people feel safe about coming forward to raise a concern. Either something they are struggling with, or something they have noticed in someone else.

  • Ensure all documents and procedures reflect the support you offer

  • Have trained people available to support an employee, from initial testing or conversation, through to revocery and back to work.

However, we do realise that not all circumstances can warrent this approach, Some job loss could be inevitable. Again, our testing procedures support all parties to ensure that this process can be as painless and efficient as possible.

First Cohort International can provide information and support in;

  • Writing your drugs and alcohol testing policy

  • Education to your work force on the effects that drugs and alcohol can have on them

  • Conducting and confirming Drug and Alcohol tests

  • Offering routes to support your staff in dealing with Drug and Alcohol issues.

We treat every business as an individual, tailoring our approach you suit your needs. Why not contact us and ask how we can support you?

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