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How to set up a workplace Drug and Alcohol Testing Procedure

So, you have decided to start conducting Workplace Drug and Alcohol Testing. Congratulations, the benefits of such a program far outweigh the overheads.

But only if it is done correctly. Set up and administered the wrong way can (and has) lead to a world of financial pain. So, let’s look at how to proceed so we can prevent this from happening.


Commit to doing it! Workplace Drug Testing, in fact, any kind of Drug and Alcohol Testing must be conducted in a set and correct manner to protect the persons being tested, the person administering the test and the company as a whole.


Write your Drug and Alcohol Testing policy and make sure it contains all the relevant information you need to protect and support everyone. Make it concise and easy to understand.


Amnesty period. Inform all members of staff of your intention to implement workplace drug and alcohol testing. Make them aware of the contents of the policy and HAVE THEM SIGN TO SAY THEY UNDERSTAND THE REQUIREMENTS OF THE POLICY! Any new starters into the business after this date will have to be make aware of the policy as well and sign off on it.

Inform all staff that the company will be implementing an amnesty period (often 2 weeks to allow for staff being off) whereby any staff members can come forward in a confidential manner and report and drug or alcohol issues or addictions they may have without fear of disciplinary action. This allows you to support them in dealing with their issues and have them return to work in a safe manner.


After the amnesty period begin to administer the tests. Now, how often you do this and the reasons for conducting a test is something you need to familiarise yourself with. My advice would be to use a third party like ourselves (all the reasons for this are in the blog “Why you should always use a trained professional to administer your drug tests!”)


Monitor the process, amend any issues and repeat.

First Cohort International specialise in setting up and implementing workplace drug testing of this nature. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us for help, guidance, and support.


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