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How to pass my workplace drug testing appointment.

So, You have an upcoming workplace drug testing appointment. You are aware that your employer rolls out drug and alcohol testing within your work. You have a feeling that you will be asked to do a saliva drug test.

But you were out on the weekend and you may had had something that you rather your employer didn't know about? How do you pass your test?

In this video link, our owner and MD, David, discusses this very topic. The do's, Don'ts and what options are there for me and where can I get help and support.

David will inform you of exactly the steps to take to make sure you return a negative result, along with explaining what to do if you feel you may have a substance abuse issue, including where to go for support.

Follow the link below for the video and if you need any help or support with your workplace drug testing, feel free to get in contact with First Cohort International Ltd for a free consultation and demonstration.

Stay safe.


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