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Recreational drug use at an all time high

A recent report from the Parliamentary Group for Drug Policy Reform has indicated that Drug-related deaths due to ecstasy and cocaine are at their highest since records began and, despite drug usage rates remaining broadly consistent, hospital admissions due to these drugs have risen dramatically in recent years.

The report highlights that a refocusing of national drug policy and resources away from harm reduction has left our night time environments more vulnerable than ever to drug-related harm.

Although drug and alcohol usage has remained consistent over recent years, the after effects are being noticed more, with hospital admissions due to the affects of drugs and alcohol rising dramatically in recent years.

The knock-on effect to employers is that their employees are coming into work often suffering the after effects of drug and alcohol consumption and trying to perform their duties and potentially putting others at risk.

Although the report is looking to put initiatives in place to prevent this from happening within the night time economy, business owners are having to look at these problems themselves for their staff.

Workplace drug testing and workplace alcohol testing has never been as important as it is now to protect employers, employees and businesses from the effects of drugs and alcohol in the workplace.

That is why First Cohort has a range of workplace drug testing and workplace alcohol testing procedures to help protect your business.

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