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What is Hair Drug Testing and what purpose does it have?

A couple of questions that I have been asked quite a bit recently is about hair strand testing, what it it and how does it work.

Our hair drug testing UK testing model differs from your usual workplace drug testing model although it still has a place in this field, albeit a very specific role. It gives a wider frame of reference over the more familiar tests, such as a saliva drug test.

The hair collection and sampling tests are more often used to ascertain a donors substance misuse history and usually covers the previous 3 months. The hair samples are tested and a detailed report issued which can specify drug and alcohol use, pinpointing which substances have been used along with dates of use.

So, what are the practical uses for this type of test.

More often than not, the hair strand test is used in legal scenarios. In particular family law. We often conduct these tests at the same time as our DNA collections for paternity tests.

However, they can be used in the workplace.

Two examples of use are to establish whether someone who has previous issues with substance misuse are managing to stick to any treatment programmes over a set period.

Something a short window, for cause test may miss.

The other example being for people who work from home regularly. This type of test was performed during lockdown to great effect.

Businesses identified workers who were struggling with the lockdown and were turning to substance misuse to cope.

A fantastic test which, when used properly by trained persons, can help and support the people being tested.


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