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COVID-19 testing for the workplace.

The next wave of the Coronavirus is currently upon us with numbers of people infected rising at a steady rate.

Here at First Cohort International, we are using or skills in saliva substance abuse testing along with our health and safety expertise to meet this new wave head on, with a view of being proactive in supporting businesses remain open and operating.

From today, I am delighted to announce that we have partnered up with a local laboratory, Compliment Genomics based in Lanchester, which specializes in COVID-19 testing in their new, purpose built, state of the art laboratory. This collaboration will offer workplace employee testing for business.

Together, First Cohort and Compliment Genomics are able to offer a fast and reliable testing system that can be conducted at a location of your choosing (subject to health and safety requirements) in line with all current guidelines and legislation.

The test, mouth swab only, is conducted by one of our trained collectors and currently, results can be delivered the next working day. This asymptomatic test allows us to test everyone, not just people showing symptoms, to evaluate if they are positive for COVID-19. A huge benefit with so many people being identified as positive without displaying any symptoms!

Please follow the links below to find out more information and to book your employee tests.


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