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Do Vapes attract the next generation?

Question, What are peoples thoughts on sweet smelling/flavoured vapes?

The reason I ask this was due to something I witnessed yesterday evening. Whilst out for a walk a gentleman passed me puffing away on a vape. When he passed me, the smell from the vape reminded me of strawberry jelly sweets (a personal favourite of mine!) A few seconds later, he passed some school children who were enjoying the school holidays. Now, vaping in a public outdoor space is fine. What shocked me was when I heard the children say "That smells lush!".

Now in my mind my immediate reaction was how can companies that make the oil for vapes be allowed to make something that appeals to children? I can remember being a child and being able to buy candy stick cigarettes but I thought as a society, we were passed that.

I did some research and whilst I understand the science behind it to help people quit smoking I did discover that A) The health benefits that are associated with vapes are not 100% accurate, B) Vapes can lead to other medical issues and C) A large proportion of under 21 year olds that have taken up vaping have done so due to the sweet flavours and range of oils they have access to.

So, should vapes be as sweet smelling as some of the flavours are?

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