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Covid-19 Environmental testing

So, we are firmly in the grip of the COVID-19 bug. Businesses are slowly starting to open and things are adapting to the new 'normal'.

But the negativity of COVID-19 is still hanging over us. With more people being in closer proximity to each other and the threat of a second wave highlighted in the news, what more can people do to protect themselves and their business?

At First Cohort, we have been working in line with a local business who specializes in the detection of such virus and have combined our collective knowledge to deliver Covid-19 workplace environmental testing.

This bespoke testing system allows us, in conjunction with our clients, to identify key areas within a business and collect samples in a contained environment. Within 48 hours, these samples are tested for the Covid-19 strain and a report issued which can highlight any potential issues.

But that's not all, First Cohort can support and advise you on best practice to get your business Covid-19 neutral, reducing the risk to staff coming into contact with the virus in the workplace.

We are also offering an individual testing service for people who may think they have contracted the virus.

First Cohort will be offering this soon to individuals and businesses in a bid to get everyone back to work and as safe as possible.

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